Welcome to Postcard Trips

We love travel. We also love to help people plan and enjoy the trips of their dreams — the kind you write home about on a postcard.

From deciding on a destination, to planning travel, accommodations, activities, and more, we are here to help you every step of the way. We have experienced great trips and trips that are memorable because things went wrong. We want you to benefit from our knowledge and experience. We want your trip to be perfect.

We work closely with partners throughout the world to match your needs and interests with the best resources.

If you want to book a cruise, we can help you find the best deal and the perfect package for your interests, whether that cruise is on the Caribbean, the Mississippi, the Corinthian sea, or a remote section of Alaska.

We can plan a trip for you that will have you arrive in Prague just as the city reaches peak beauty. We can book you on the top whale-watching cruise in the Pacific or the Atlantic. We can plan a spiritual journey that will take you to the centers of all religions. We can plan a gourmet’s trip through Europe so that you can enjoy the finest of each country’s cuisine. We can even book your travel to the best golf courses in the world.

Getting married? We can help you arrange the perfect destination wedding, the perfect honeymoon — or second honeymoon– and we can make all of the arrangements for all of your guests.

We invite you to explore the information available to you on this website, to visit our social media pages, and to call us to discuss your interests and needs. Many of our clients believe that we are set apart from others by the level of customer service and assistance we provide them. Others believe we are distinguished by our love of travel and our knowledge of many destinations. Our commitment is to you. We want to make your trip the perfect experience for you (not for other clients), and we will stand by to ensure your pleasure.

If you are thinking about a trip, call us today. The sooner we start working together the better we are able to customize your trip to make it postcard perfect.